October 11, 2010

Highlights Obesity 2010 conference San Diego

What is hot in obesity research and policy making? I am here in San Diego to find out at the Obesity conference.

One thing is clear. Obesity is a chronic disease and dieting as a temporary, special way of eating is not going to help people any further. Nothing new, one could say. Studies have shown over and over again that dieting is not such a good idea. However, that has not stopped people from trying. Diet books are among the best sellers in book sales rankings. People see dieting as something that you do for a limited time.

However, presenters at this conference stress it again and again; support should not stop after people lost a considerable amount of weight. Sustained approaches to deal with overweight over a lifetime are needed, according to Van Saxton Hubbard, winner of the Mickey Stunkard Lifetime Achievement Award. 

My poster presentation 'Food Compensation: Do exercise ads change food intake?'

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