October 05, 2013

Stealth Health - Guiding healthier eating in stores and schools: Presentation Brian Wansink at Wageningen University

Last week, Brian Wansink presented his latest nudging studies at Wageningen University. In one of the presented studies, consumer participants in a grocery store were nudged by changing their shopping cart. The nudge was not particularly high tech: Brian and his team put a line of duct tape across the width of the shopping cart and a sign 'put your fruits and vegetables here'. These changes to the shopping cart made consumers purchase more fruits and vegetables without affecting total sales. Have a look yourself.

Brian visited our Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group, because Evelien van de Veer defended her thesis 'Relying on satiety cues in food consumption: studies on the role of social context, appearance focus, and mindfulness'. Brian was opponent in her thesis committee. Read a interesting summary in Dutch of Evelien's thesis in the Resource.

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