September 07, 2011

Eye tracking studies done by our research group on Dutch television

Last Tuesday, the Dutch television show 'Altijd Wat' paid attention to the debate on how to best inform consumers about making a healthy choice in the supermarket. Increasingly, information about the healthiness of a food is put front of pack in the form of a logo or health stamp. These logos are supposed to make your healthy choice more intuitive and easy.

But do consumer see these logos and labels in the midst of other information on the package? And to they use them to make a healthier food choice?

To get insights into which elements at a food package really attract consumer attention, Erica van Herpen and Hans van Trijp use eye tracking techniques. An eye tracker is a tool for measuring how the eyes move over an object (such as a food package) and at which point they stop to focus. Their latest paper on this topic examined which type of nutrition label attracts most attention, even when consumers are under time pressure (as we often are in the supermarket).

Watch Hans and Erica in action while demonstrating the eye tracker (item starts after about 10 minutes).

Get Microsoft Silverlight Of bekijk de flash versie.

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